Saturday, April 09, 2005


...and lubbockDFA launches!


At 4:06 AM, Blogger armadillo said...

An Armadillo looks at the reality of a lack morals and truth of the GOP corporate Bushville Follies with another dance with song and verse from Karl Rove and Karen Hughes marketing an public relations press release fame.

Please don't Do it on my leg and tell me it's raining?

There are starving people out here. With more than 24% of our population that live in ignorance and more that can’t even afford health care along with dishonoring our service personnel and their families, not to mention the children, elder, disabled and jobless.

The selling out the middle class with outsourcing jobs and complete
Factories and technolodgy for lets face it 30 cents an hour labor and the Chamber of Commerce that approves secret “Free Trade” agreements
And the 69% of the corporate community that pays not a sue in taxes for the support of this country and the tax payers “pay” them for moving business off shore,

Ahaaa? What a dance

As if there isn't enough problems with the killing and wounding with a lack of care of these good citizens shows that this rank behavior of all kinds only reflects on a President and a gang of thieves that try and act moral.

And now want to change Social Security with a reform that would enrich wall street players with private accounts when the risks and probability can compare with to take a trip to the Vegas crap table and put a bet on the to come line.

When any one with a money thought can see it’s “Medicare and drugs”
“Homeland Insecurity” Business with the Communist Chinese whom we pay over A billion dollars a day in interest just to keep our country running

How can you believe any one in an administration of flim flam liars that created a "Wag the Dog War"?

Which PR agency is in charge of the spin of non-reality and misdirection in all things behind the Bush?

Truly this is the shame of America courtesy of the "Bushville Follies " and tasteless non-think greed of corporate fascist jack boot crowd living in the Kafka cockroach world.

Also, stop supporting bad taste, your to smart to be used by tasteless unimaginative program development gangs of MBA non think bottom liners of groin grunts who think being stupid is a great learning choice.

Remember. if you go to the home of bad taste for help you'll end up with the dirt on your face.

I don't mean to be rude, but is sad to see failure where it shouldn't be.

Be kind and gentle with yourselves in this journey called life with the thought of the armadillo.

“Hope is everywhere when all dig with a common goal”

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Sue said...

I sent this message to Rep. Neugebauer this morning. I also posted it at "I was a member of a group that met with Jim Clark in Lubbock yesterday. The subject was Social Security. We urged Mr. Clark to convey to you our opposition to privatization of any part of Social Security. Mr. Clark said he could not assure us that you would vote against privatizing Social Security and that you favored a plan like that in Chile. This causes me great concern because of what the people and government of Chile have experienced: The Chile model has been a disaster for all but the most well-off. Fees have eaten up about 30% of peoples accounts and now the government has to make up the difference for many destitute retirees.

Mr. Clark pointed to privatization as a solution for the solvency problem, but President Bush has already acknowledged that privatization will not solve that problem.

I urge you to reconsider your position and protect Social Security from privatization. Thank you, your constituent, Sue Weninger"

I regret not remembering during the meeting that bit about President Bush admitting that privatization doesn't solve the solvency "problem". Problem in quotes because we probably shouldn't concede a problem.


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