Thursday, May 26, 2005

One of the better articles I've read recently

Dang dog.


Juan Cole sums up pretty much what you already knew about the ongoing quagmire in Iraq. He's a really smart guy, and is much more informed about the situation than most are. The picture he paints is pretty bleak.

Folks, Iraq is still going to be a problem in 2008, it may be the issue that defines the election. What Bush and the republicans have done in Iraq is absolutely horrible and they WILL be held accountable for it, sooner or later.

Not only are we fighting a war responsible for near 2000 American deaths, but Bush has SIGNIFICANTLY weakened America's hand in world politics.

Let me explain.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, America stood alone as the World's only superpower. The first Gulf War showed how fully capable our force was. It was remarkably easy to thoroughly crush the Iraqi army with overwhelming force. This second time in Iraq has shattered America's aura of strength.

We are by no imaginable means of measurement winning the current fight in Iraq. The war has been so badly waged that we have been unable to quash the insurgency. By all accounts, it has grown larger, smarter, and deadlier. We have no strategy for fighting a faceless enemy.

The quagmire in Iraq is coupled with growing problems in Afghanistan. Remnants of the Taliban, Afghani War Lords, Drug Lords, and our inept puppet government are converging to destabilize with a much more clear moral imperative.

Our diplomacy has always been our strongest tool in fighting against tyrants like Saddam Hussein. Many people have forgotten, but Hussein was complying with all the weapons-inspectors demands before this war began. Why? Because if he didn't, he would certainly face overwhelming force. How can we use diplomacy of that kind against Kim Jung Il? Given the current situation in Afghanistan and Iraq, how could N. Korea be nearly so threatened? How, when we are currently stuck so deep in the mud.

And N. Korea actually has WMDs.

There is no end in sight. Military enlistment is near all-time lows because of the near certainty that soldiers would face significant tours of duty in the abattoir that is Iraq. How can Bush maintain the idea of a just war when his own citizens feel no call to duty?

He cannot.

Completely silent are all the wingnuts on TV and over the blogosphere. They should be leading the charge, for all those republicans who supported this president, to march over to their local army recruiting center and sign up for a tour of duty.

All talk and no show. Effing cowards. Effing hypocrites.


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Sue said...

One brave Democrat tested withdrawal from Iraq in the House yesterday with an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. The amendment was defeated. For an analysis of the votes see a post at If his numbers are rights, there is no agreement about withdrawal among Democrats.

At 12:05 AM, Blogger Synthesis said...

there is no agreement about withdrawal among Democrats.

I can understand that. There is a certain degree to which we tend to follow that "pottery barn" rule.

We broke it, we bought it.

I would love to see us start to withdraw from Iraq, but I don't really think it is possible (short of allowing all-out civil war) without substantial help from a body like the U.N. You know, an ACTUAL coalition.

This president will never eat the necessary crow to get the job done.


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