Saturday, May 07, 2005

Our day in April

These pictures are by no means all that we have, but they will have to do for now.

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Here we are, poised and confident. Randy's people aren't going to know what hit 'em

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Jim Clark is taken aback, clearly he was expecting shrill drivel. Sorry Jim, we only spout eloquent brilliance.

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They tried to bamboozle us with that tired Chilean meme, but G-man knew his stuff.

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The two Sues are crafty, wisely taking note of everything Jim says--especially the hot air.

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And we did our best to hit them with our finely aimed outrage. The Bushies thought they could turn the old against the young. Silly of them really. The young trust Bush about as far as we could throw him.

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Here's the whole group, flushed with success. Victory makes us pose awkwardly.

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And we're going keep doing this, whether our representatives like it or not.



At 5:35 PM, Blogger johnnie said...

Great job! I'm amazed at what Lubbock DFA is accomplishing. Keep up the good work.
Johnnie Jones, Chair
Lubbock County Democratic Party


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