Friday, June 17, 2005

DemFest, a running diary

-We arrived at the chapel roughly around 11:30 a.m. People are here from all over the country (and I saw at least 1 woman from Shibuya, Japan!) They already have our clapping organized

-DFA is planning to move away from Meetup and has been developing its own software for the past several months. Overall, I think this is a good idea. The more we make free and accessible tools available to people who may not have the resources to pay for them, the better we will be able to grow DFA groups all over the country. It really empowers people who are time rich but money poor. We also still have the option of keeping our Meetup groups as well as utilizing the new software. I think this is who LubbockDFA will run, at least for the immediate future.

-I really dig the Lakoff stuff too, but dang it is beginning to sound cultish. Framing is important, but it is still only one part of furthering our progressive cause. We can’t let linguistics disguise the fact that we actual, grunt work to do.

-The best idea at the Latino-interest caucus came from a fellow Lubbockite. His perception was that many in the Hispanic community do not care who Tom Delay is, they don’t care about saving the filibuster. They seek immediate help; they need food stamps, they need welfare, they need help and they need it now. We need to view community service as our vehicle into building diversity and membership within LubbockDFA. This goes ditto for the Black community as well. We need to show up when they have food and clothing drives with more food and clothes than anyone else. We need to sponsor free events for family and especially children to attend, like barbeques. I realize it may take some time to get this action plan off of the ground, but we definitely have a good idea now.

-LubbockDFA will soon have a brand new social/fun side. This was really a no-brainer. We are trying to build a sense of community, and we cannot always be talking about politics. Sometime we should get together for drinks and a movie. Heck, we could even get together to watch ‘Lost’ on Wednesdays. I really enjoyed our Memorial Day BBQ; we will have many more events like these in the future.

-There are many more notes that I took, and I promise to do my best to report them all at some point, maybe at our next DFA meeting.

-I got to meet Jim Dean, Chairperson of DFA and brother of (my hero) Howard Dean. My wife took this picture.

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At 5:28 PM, Blogger johnnie said...

Thanks for being the best DemFest representative Lubbock could ask for.

DFA is such an inspiration for the local party!

At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Jessica Barba said...

That's my big bro talkin. making me proud.


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