Thursday, August 18, 2005

This is ridiculous

As a college student, I have become very conscious of residency establishment clauses, rules and whatnots. It seems that these laws are purposefully designed to NOT work in students' best interest. The difference between in-state and out-of-state tuition can be in excess of 10 thousand dollars a year. It is one of the great failings of our public institutions and no one seems to care how limiting that difference can be. It is the major reason why students (especially lower and middle-class) seldom leave their state for higher education.

If I had my way, higher public education would be affordable for every student, in every state, whichever state that may be.

If I get accepted to a Law School outside the state of Texas, I face the very real possibility of deferred enrollment (waiting the necessary amount of time, living and working, in order to establish residency). It is either that or praying to God that I get enough financial aid to make the problem moot.

This story is flat-out ridiculous. It is a clear example of how residency laws have FAILED. This man is a Texan, he deserves a Texas education. If he is good enough to drive here and vote here, he is good enough to learn here.


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