Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The way it is

So all the prepared, blocked-out, time bracketing for sharpening my logical acumen has actually given me more focus on getting things done, both related and unrelated to my studies.

Heck, I may have been way-off about possible hermitage. If anything, I'll need DFA and all my wonderful friends even more, if only to unwind.

I tend to write about non-local politics because Lubbock news is deader than W's brain. Seriously, the AJ can be just awful. I've heard that Randy Negeubauer's office has been difficult to reach. They may be on the same 5-week super-vacation that our president is currently (not) enjoying. Thank you Cindy Sheehan. Your actions are the most powerful and effective protest seen in my political lifetime.

I installed a site-meter at the bottom of the page, just to get an idea of who's reading and when they read. We recently passed 100 unique visits. Yaay! I'll let you know when we hit a thousand.


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