Wednesday, September 28, 2005

give 'em hell harry

Despite being a pro-life moderate, Harry Reid has very quickly earned my trust as a hard-fighting, take-no-crap Democrat. Despite being dealt one of the smallest minorities in a long time, Reid has fought Republicans to a draw or even victory on numerous occasions. He took all the wind out of Bill Frist's sails as leader of the Senate, preserved the filibuster, completed incapacitated John Bolton, and held together to reject the partisan investigation into Hurricane Katrina's foul-ups. I don't agree with him every time, but he has been a big plus for our side.

He has a new blog up, obviously connected to someone at the DNC, cause the style is almost exactly the same. When our leaders reach out to the activists and new netroots this way, I think it is only fitting that we return the favor.

Thank you Sen. Reid, and welome to the Blogs.


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