Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Presiden'ts Katrina Speech

7:55 Still waiting for the president.

8:00 Flipped over to Fox (ehh) they pointed out how this is a long-term issue. Very astute, those guys.

8:01 Here he comes! Seriously, he picked a really pretty place to hold this speech. HAHAHA! "I'm speaking to you from the city of New Orleans." I wouldn't have known otherwise. Thank you W.

8:03 Very positive so far. No complaints.

8:04 Ah! The argument emerges. He's doing his darndest to tie himself to the private citizens of America. They did their job beautifully, the president did not.

8:06 We will rebuild New Orleans. Good.

8:07 I cannot explain his expression. It is as if he wants so hard to make his failure right. He looks eager, anxious even. I hope maybe this will change the way he governs.

8:10 Red shirt guy in Mississippi looks really mad at the president. This speech takes me a bit by surprise. It seems more like a round-up of news stories as opposed to political spin.

8:13 This is the sort of speech a real leader would have made that Monday morning. It is sad it has taken this long.

8:14 Gulf Opportunity Zone, GOZ, will be this president's Tennesee Valley Authority. We'd be lucky if it was even half as good as the TVA was.

8:16 A lottery based free zoning district for low-income housing?? Someone please explain how this would be a good idea.

8:17 Curse you, curse you for gutting the funding of the Army Corps of Engineers and levees. I'll never forgive him for that, even if he makes them ten times better.

8:19 This speech is making me realize just how much the American people have stepped up to fill the vacuum that our federal leadership had left. We really are a great country, and we deserve better representatives.

8:20 Here it comes... I know the president wants the so called "bi-partisan" investigation. Not good enough. WE NEED AN INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION.

8:21 woot! 9/11. My hat is safe.

8:22 the president must back an Independent Investigation.

8:23 biblical tones, which means the president is wrapping this up.

8:24 and he's finished. The speech was remarkably concilliatory and free of politics. In all honesty, it really was one of his better speeches. That said, it will not fix his anemic poll numbers. Indeed, I believe the tone of this speech reflects just how weak the President's position has become. The one political issue that came up was the President's push for the investigation currently in the works in Congress. There is ZERO chance Democrats will accept the set-up, it is little more than criminals prosecuting their own trial.
I would like to see us make a concerted push for an Independent Investigation. It is overwhelmingly popular (something like 75% approval, with distinct preference over a partisan investigation). The complications of Katrina are massive. At some point, I believe, Republicans must capitulate to an Independent Investigation (it's a talking point, get out there and spread it).

Eventually, we will have a real picture of just how many people lost their lives (the number will be big and horrible), and just how much money we will need to overcome this. It will become obvious how wrong-headed Bush's policies have been, from Iraq, to Tax-Cuts for the very wealthy, and refusing to take budget deficits seriously.

As a president, I think Bush couldn't be quacking any louder. I hope he realizes this and instead use this opportunity to become a better person. Accept responsiblity, and all the consequences that come with it, and redeem your soul. Fix this situation and you will at least have some of my respect, and not just the begrudging type

UPDATE: There will be no joint-congressional investigation. Democratic leaders have effectively killed that. I saw this coming, but I still think Reid and Pelosi deserve credit for enforcing such a rigorous point. Go read all about it over at Kos, cause the LATimes is subsricption only.


At 8:25 PM, Blogger johnnie said...

Great speech analysis. How about one of you who has DFA connections seeing if we can't DFA to start a petition for an independent investigation.

This investigation needs to be conducted by experts: engineers, paramedics, firefighters, etc. Not legislators. We need honest answers from people with no political agenda.

Brian has shared so many amazing stories from the gulf coast. The resolve and heart of American is amazing. The governments response to real human need was shameful.

At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush knows that most of the big spending he has proposed will not make it through Congress. The part that does will go right to the corporate and contributor coffers.

Many people are calling for a 9-11 style investigation. I don't see the need. We'll find out what we already know: all levels of gov't were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the disaster. Most people did they best they could under impossible circumstances.

What we also know is that the President was AWOL at the critical moments when his presence might have done some good. When he did show up, his only purpose was to stage media events so as to save his political behind. Do we really need an independent commission to establish that Bush was on the golf course while disaster struck?

Let's establish a commission on presidential resignation. That would shift the debate from laying blame to whether Bush should keep his job, the real question, in my mind.

Dr. JB


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