Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Federal Election Fund

What is it with Republicans and suppression of public opinions?

Our representative, Randy Neugebauer has proposed eliminating the Federal Election Fund. This is the $3 question on a typical IRS form, all citizens have the option of selecting "NO" on their tax form, in fact "NO" is the default answer. I have never paid into the fund myself, but I think it is ridiculous that average Americans would be denied the right to have a mechanism that forces presidential candidates to at least rely in part on non-corporate moneys. Just to spite Randy, I'll probably check "YES" next time on my IRS forms.

Randy is trying to make it seem as though the tax is some great injustice; but in fact, it is completely voluntary. I might feel much greater injustice if I felt my purposefully earmarked dollars was instead going to pay the contract of a Halliburton-Katrina project.

If he was really serious about cutting spending to pay for Katrina relief, he might be inclined to target the large pork giveaways to massive Agribusiness interests who day by day make small-scale and family farming unprofitable.

But what can you really expect with Randy? He's nothing special, just a tool of Tom DeLay, soon to be a tool without a user. He's a small man with a small solution to a Big Problem. At best, his proposal could "offset" some 500 million dollars, for short of the 200+ BILLION dollar Katrina problem.


At 10:07 PM, Blogger Dr. John Barkdull said...

Here's a comprehensive approach. As the site notes, fighting the Bush administration one outrage at a time (whether eliminating the check-off or misrepresenting the number of Iraqi battalions ready to fight) is failing. It's time for Bush to resign:


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