Friday, October 14, 2005

This stops now.

I just finished reading this:

Really, I think the Democrat’s "win" on Social Security was much more important than people realize. Not only have we protected the system from thieves until at least 2009, the president really made himself look terrible on domestic policy. It was a very solid win for our side, and I'll always remember writing letters to the editor and visiting with Neugebauer's staff to make our opinions known. In a way, I feel that at least a little piece of the victory is mine, because I wanted it and I worked for it.

But I think, it was more than a self-contained victory. We really drew "first blood" on the issue on this second Bush term. It was really the first time we spoke truth to power in complete unison. It worked. And after that, the president knew he couldn't just roll us over anymore. He's a much weaker president now.

Sure, we've lost some battles, significant ones (the bankruptcy bill stands out), but I think we've "won" more often in the few months of this second term than we did in the entire first term.

I put win in quotations because an opposition party can't really pass it's agenda, it can only stop the agenda of the other side.

I'll take stopping the president. The way things are now, the loyal opposition is cruising toward a crushing victory in 06. We just might get W. to veto something.


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