Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the true value of Lubbock DFA

My blog is worth $2,258.16.
How much is your blog worth?

I'm a bit surprised. I kind of wish I knew how that was calculated. Try looking up your favorite blogs.


At 8:29 PM, Blogger Dr. John Barkdull said...

I see the blogspammer strikes again.

Anyway, I was wondering if we plan to do anything on Nov 15, the day of DFA's National Organizing Kickoff.

At 9:15 AM, Blogger Synthesis said...

I hope so, but you'll need to ask Dem-X. With the LSAT-studying kicking into high gear, I'm afraid I've been neglecting my blogging and leadership duties.

At 6:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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