Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Nov. 15 kickoff party

Our great and gracious host Sue W. received mention on the DNC blog. I just want to remind everyone that out of the 3 questions posed to Gov. Dean, Sue and Lubbock, TX got to ask the very first!

Sue's house was, as always, amazingly beautiful. I'm excited that our 50-state strategy kicked-off in such dramatic fashion. It was great to meet all the candidates we have running for local office and to feel that we really are making a difference.

I'm still working on the LSAT and law school applications, but some time early next year, I'd like to launch phase 2.0 of Lubbock DFA. I always hoped this could be a place that all democrats in the greater Lubbock area could come together to meet fellow Dems, plan events, work together, and vent the frustrations that must come with being so progressive in such a regressive place. In addition to the blog, I'd like use to have a lively forum, and an intelligent front page/portal to all groups that are natural allies and partners of DFA.

Consider this a place to post your thoughts and feelings about the party and conference call.


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