Friday, January 27, 2006

Letter to the Today show

The Abramoff scandal is entirely Republican, and it is shameful that in the interest of “fairness,” you are equivocating the scandal between Republicans and Democrats.

You purposefully make it seem as though the Indian Tribes involved in this story are agents of Jack Abramoff. The opposite, in fact, is the truth. The Indian Tribes gave money to Democrats of their own accord, never at the prompting of Abramoff. In fact, Jack Abramoff actually advised them to reduce the contributions they gave to Democratic candidates. All the charges, of which Abramoff pleaded guilty, were concerning the literal buying of votes, by Abramoff, from Republicans in congress.

The story here should be Abramoff and his ties to the Republican Party. You are suggesting guilt by association through 2 degrees of separation: Abramoff to Indian Tribes, and then Indian Tribes to Democrats. If guilt were to extend 3 degrees, I would be caught up in this scandal, through my membership in the Democratic party. That sentence is equally as absurd as your insistence that this scandal is somehow bi-partisan.

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