Tuesday, January 31, 2006


All times are Central time zone

8:02 internet is not working; I’m going to have to put all this stuff up after the fact.

8:03 a1337o haX0rs the Supreme Court

8:05 people are shaking hands; the pundits are talking about how “so much” hinges on this speech (at least for the president.

8:06 Man! The people who run our country are really quite ugly.

8:07 Octagonal logo above the entrance door really looks like the Umbrella logo (Resident Evil indeed)

8:08 President opts for a blue tie. Damn! Roy Blunt is an ugly, ugly man.

8:09 $20 says Tom Delay is in the cheap seats. Another $20 says I don’t see his face on T.V. tonight

8:10 pundits talk about how there is already criticism to the SOTU. They fail to mention that everyone who would be so interested already has advance copies of the themes the president is going to be talking about. They also fail to mention the spin rooms they have set up immediately following the SOTU, necessitating advanced talking points by BOTH sides. F--- them. I hear this same criticism every year.

8:12 President honors Coretta Scott King. Applause all around.

8:15 September 11th

8:16 John McCain isn’t buying this shit.

8:17 Digging the right-side of Denny Hastert’s face.

8:20 The phrasing the president is using suggests that the War on Terror is being fought not to keep America safe, but to spread Democracy to the Oppressed. The results suggest that neither goal is being met.

8:24 The President just admitted that Iraq is no where near capable of keeping itself safe. In his own words, leaving now would “turn the country over” to the like of bin Laden.

8:26 Fah-loo-ja

8:26 Much respect for Dan Clay’s family. I hope his death will not be in vain, but I worry with the people we have in charge.

8:29 For the last time, wishing for something won’t make it happen

8:30 Liberty in the middle-east won’t look like the way we define liberty. For 5 years, Bush has been the leader of lowered expectations.

8:31 *speaking directly to Iran* We respect you, please don’t blow Israel up.

8:32 I don’t remember Bush saying “The State of the Union is strong.” Did he?

8:33 Patriot Act, cause our law enforcement is awesome and that is how to respect him.

8:34 President lies

8:35 President lies

8:35 There has never been an explanation of how the secret wire-taps are making us any safer. The fact that any evidence the program might turn up would be inadmissible in court actually makes us less safe.

8:37 Hillary looks nonplussed.

8:38 The President actually thinks this economy is good. I hope he repeats this argument again and again. No one in the middle and working classes is going to buy it because THEY CANNOT AFFORD IT.

8:39 Oh snap! President told the truth. Our economy depends on immigration. Republicans gave a very reluctant standing ovation.

8:40 I caught Condoleeza Rice picking her nose.

8:41 Perma-tax-cuts, followed by president actually claiming to have cut spending. Absurd! This president loves legislation almost as much as war.

8:43 President lobs a soft-ball to Democrats. We stomped his a-- on Social Security.

8:44 The problems of the Baby Boomers, including Social Security, will not be solved by this president.

8:45 President throws protectionists a bone on Immigration.

8:46 Michael Chertoff is a zombie, or addicted to heroin.

8:47 This President is penny-wise and pound-foolish.

8:48 Clean, safe, Nu-clear energy! The word “nuclear” is so heinous, that he had to preface it with “clean” and “safe.”

8:50 I would love if the future he painted came to pass. But I feel this is just empty rhetoric on Energy. I’ve been burned by this guy before.

8:55 2 new SCOTUS justices, it’s too early to know how they’ll turn out. History will have to judge their tenure. I fear they will be as bad as their previous records suggest.

8:57 Barrack Obama is in the good seats.

8:59 The response to Hurricane Katrina was the moment I went from disgust to anger with G.W. Bush. He failed in every possible way to fail. For that, I will never forgive him.

9:03 wrapping up. I was expecting more about his Health Savings Accounts. There is actually very little new material here. He spent the vast majority of his time on defense, especially regarding Iraq and the NSA spying program.


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