Friday, April 14, 2006

Budget Hawk

Clinton didn't balance the budget, that was the Republican congress. I've heard this argument a lot recently. I don't buy it.

Clinton had pretty much the same Republican congress that we currently have. If the budget was balanced by the Republican congress, with the timid approval of Clinton, surely that congress would be able to duplicate their results? We have a president that will sign into law whatever congress puts in front of him. The ball is firmly in the court of the Legislature to balance our budget. Instead of a balanced budget, we have record deficits.

Clinton's success, Bush's failure, combined with the lasting effects of the Dean campaign are transforming the Democratic Party into budget hawks. Good thing too, because someone needs to clean up the mess this Republican congress has made.

p.s. this sounds like an op-ed when I read it. Think I should send it to the AJ?


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