Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I want more leadership like this. This from a Howard Dean e-mail:

"Today, all around the country, hundreds of thousands of people of every race, color and ethnicity are marching peacefully for immigration reform that is tough and smart, comprehensive and compassionate. Democrats are proud to join these marches. Democrats in the Senate have led the fight for immigration reform that reflects our values, but neither President Bush nor Bill Frist were willing to stand up to the far right wing of the Republican Party to move it forward."

Today's peaceful marchers put a human face on this important issue. Immigration reform is about strengthening our borders, but it's also about families. Unfortunately, it's the American people who will have to deal with the consequences of the Republican Party's failed leadership. Republicans are not just alienating Latinos with their surrender to the far right, they're alienating Americans of every background who know that scapegoating any group of people is wrong. And they're alienating every American who knows we need real solutions to strengthen our borders, protect U.S. workers and their wages, and make it possible for immigrants who earn it the opportunity to apply for U.S. citizenship. Together, America can do better."

OK, I really don't like the new slogan. I'd easily replace it with "Yes we can." That aside, I am glad to see Democrats aren't waiting for Republicans to implode over this. Yesterday, I saw Kennedy of all people proudly speaking to the gathered in D.C.

The world went crazy this weekend, but for a change it got better instead of worse.


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