Friday, May 13, 2005

Getting into community service

Tomorrow is the national DFA Day of Action for community service, and our local chapter is doing its part. We will be at the South Plains Food Bank Farm at 76th and Ave B from 9am-3pm weeding, cleaning, and working with other volunteer groups to get the facility ready for their "Friends and Family Day" on the 21st. The farm is a great resource for the community, providing truckloads of organic, chemical-free vegetables directly to the food bank. I am proud to help out their organization this weekend.

Community service is one of the pillars of advanced citizenship, which is what we're all about. Everyone in DFA understands that government works better with an active, involved populace; the same is true for every other aspect of life that impacts THE COMMONS, another idea we DFAers love. Community service is a natural fit for our group.

So, let's take that to heart and make community service events part of our regular group activities. I plan to include space on our agenda each month to discuss community service opportunities available to us as individuals and as a group.

"Become the change you seek."


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