Tuesday, May 31, 2005

KBH is going to do it

Given the absolute failure of Rick Perry to get the big success he needed on school finance, I do not think Hutchison could be announcing at a more opportune time. Perry really looks like the useless sack we all know him to be. I believe she'll make it official June 6th. Rumors are still rumors though, so I cannot promise anything. Yet...

It would be the ugliest primary in the nation, and it will be THEIR side doing all the infighting. If I had to bet money, I'd pick Perry to win (those conservatives tend to dominate republican primaries) but he will be awfully battered by the end of it.

And with Hutchison vacating her seat, it will make Radnofsky's campaign all that more fluid and exciting. I believe we have a legitimate shot at stealing a Senate seat right out from underneath the republicans' noses. I don't know the republicans interested in the seat outside of Congressman Bonilla. He would probably be our toughest opponent, moderate republicans would definitely want to make him their poster boy.

With the gubernatorial race shaping up the way it is, I really expect Chris Bell to make it official, either in or out. Start raising the big bucks now, Perry and Hutchison will be too busy duking it out with each other to spend money on Bell. Build coalitions, focus his message, all that jazz. Just do it, and do it sooner rather than later.

Let's win Texas back.

Good news for municipal wifi

I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm an avid SlashDot reader. A post from today:

"The effort to ban municipal networks in Texas has failed. Texas House Bill 789 originally had provisions to ban muni wireless networks. The Senate passed a significantly rewritten version, without a ban. A conference committee failed to reach agreement, so the bill died when the Texas legislature adjourned this weekend."

The capacity for towns and cities to offer free or cheap wireless internet access is a part of that public ownership concept that I posted about a week ago. And it's a very, very important part of it.

*gets out crystal ball*

I forsee the next great WPA-style public works project being an informational one, where net access becomes an essential utility, like telephone service and plumbing. I believe it will be especially important for our rural communities to survive as desirable places to live.

*puts away crystal ball*

Not to mention that an all-business internet access model doesn't do much to keep the internet the great, open ideaspace that it is. We need that now more than ever!

Read more about the Texas Bill at savemuniwireless.org.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day

Gone but not forgotten

I just wanted to take this space to second Johnnie's wish that War will be something in our history books and not in our newspapers.

Thank you to all the soldiers past and present, gone and still with us. I don't agree with this war, but I have nothing but respect and admiration for your service.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

RX: Optimism

The recent Pew Research Center For The People & The Press 2005 Political Typology, “Beyond Red vs. Blue” offers plenty for the politically active to consider. I am especially fascinated by the impact optimism has in our political system. In the Typology are profiles of various segments of the voting (and non-voting) public. “Pro-Government Conservatives” and “Disadvantaged Democrats” turn out to be similar in many ways. They are the lowest-income, mostly younger and female and often unable-to-pay-their-bills categories of Republican and Democratic voters, respectively. They differ markedly in one respect, however – the degree to which they believe that hard work and determination guarantee success for most people. PGC’s score high on optimism, but DD’s score high on pessimism, as do the predominantly Independent and Republican- leaning ten percent of registered voters classified by Pew as “Disaffected.”

Martin E. P. Seligman, president of the American Psychological Association, wrote about optimism and politics in his 1990 best seller “Learned Optimism.” The pessimist tends to explain events in terms that are personal, pervasive and permanent according to Seligman. His research team developed a systematic way to analyze public utterances, CAVE, for “Content Analysis of Verbatim Explanations” that quantifies the speaker’s degree of pessimism and tendency to ruminate. They predicted with impressive accuracy the outcomes of party primaries, the presidential election and senate races of 1988 using the CAVE method. The model predicts that the candidate with the more pessimistic outlook will 1) be more passive and so make fewer campaign appearances and respond less readily to attacks, 2) be generally less well-liked by voters, 3) fail to communicate a sense of hope to voters, and 4) most likely lose the election. In races where there were large differences in the candidates' pessimism scores, the more optimistic won by large margins. In races where there was little difference in their pessimism scores, the results were very close.

One of the things that made the Dean campaign so attractive was the personal optimism of the candidate and the collective optimism of the grass roots movement in support of him. The challenge we face as a party is not just reframing the debate using the language of values to activate progressive tendencies in voters, but to speak and write in ways that foster hope among those too disadvantaged, cynical or discouraged to vote. We start to do this by staying away from explanations that imply bad events and circumstances are permanent, strictly a matter of personal responsibility, or so pervasive as to be overwhelming.

Saturday, May 28, 2005

A nifty little website

This website ranks just how close the representatives in Congress are to the king of sleaze--Tom Delay

Go ahead and check it out.

Our own Randy Neugebauer proves what we already knew. He is nothing more than a rubber-stamp for the Bush-DeLay agenda. He votes exactly the same as Delay more than 97% of the time. That is not loyalty, that is following orders.

Our candidate would be wise to stress this issue in 2006, and run a campaign much like Barbara Graff of Odessa so successfully ran. The Lone Star State has a strong tradition of independence and Randy Neugebauer doesn't have an independent bone in his body. He is not good enough to represent district 19.

Friday, May 27, 2005

last obstacle out of the way

Hillary Clinton is ready to go in 2008.

I cannot imagine any scenario (short of illness) where anyone could possibly beat her to the presidency, Democrat or republican.

Rudy Giuliani could come closer than anyone else, but would fail. I don't even think he'll get his party's nomination.

p.s. I'll do a better story later.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

One of the better articles I've read recently

Dang dog.


Juan Cole sums up pretty much what you already knew about the ongoing quagmire in Iraq. He's a really smart guy, and is much more informed about the situation than most are. The picture he paints is pretty bleak.

Folks, Iraq is still going to be a problem in 2008, it may be the issue that defines the election. What Bush and the republicans have done in Iraq is absolutely horrible and they WILL be held accountable for it, sooner or later.

Not only are we fighting a war responsible for near 2000 American deaths, but Bush has SIGNIFICANTLY weakened America's hand in world politics.

Let me explain.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, America stood alone as the World's only superpower. The first Gulf War showed how fully capable our force was. It was remarkably easy to thoroughly crush the Iraqi army with overwhelming force. This second time in Iraq has shattered America's aura of strength.

We are by no imaginable means of measurement winning the current fight in Iraq. The war has been so badly waged that we have been unable to quash the insurgency. By all accounts, it has grown larger, smarter, and deadlier. We have no strategy for fighting a faceless enemy.

The quagmire in Iraq is coupled with growing problems in Afghanistan. Remnants of the Taliban, Afghani War Lords, Drug Lords, and our inept puppet government are converging to destabilize with a much more clear moral imperative.

Our diplomacy has always been our strongest tool in fighting against tyrants like Saddam Hussein. Many people have forgotten, but Hussein was complying with all the weapons-inspectors demands before this war began. Why? Because if he didn't, he would certainly face overwhelming force. How can we use diplomacy of that kind against Kim Jung Il? Given the current situation in Afghanistan and Iraq, how could N. Korea be nearly so threatened? How, when we are currently stuck so deep in the mud.

And N. Korea actually has WMDs.

There is no end in sight. Military enlistment is near all-time lows because of the near certainty that soldiers would face significant tours of duty in the abattoir that is Iraq. How can Bush maintain the idea of a just war when his own citizens feel no call to duty?

He cannot.

Completely silent are all the wingnuts on TV and over the blogosphere. They should be leading the charge, for all those republicans who supported this president, to march over to their local army recruiting center and sign up for a tour of duty.

All talk and no show. Effing cowards. Effing hypocrites.

2006 Sneak Peek: Barbara Ann Radnofsky for US Senate

Earlier in the month many of us Lubbock Democrats had the opportunity to meet three of our states most promising candidates: Chris Bell, Barbara Ann Radnofsky, and the indomitable David Van Os. I've already talked up Bell, so now it's Barbara's turn.

The first thing you should know about her is that she has an excellent blog that she updates -- herself -- from the field (Blackberrys are indeed the politician's tool of choice). And I'm not just saying this because she did a good job of plugging Lubbock in her blog; this child of NASA scientists really is on top of the modern political zeitgeist.

You should also know that she's one hell of a speaker. (She has this in common with Bell and Van Os.) For example, her talking points on abortion are fantastic. Her goal: zero abortions, without taking away a woman's right to choose. How do we do this? Through education, healthcare, pre- and post- natal care, childrens' programs -- all the high-prioritiy issues that progressives share. It's brilliant how it all flows together. I am reminded that, as Democrats, we are not a divided party, but a party of strongly connected, socially responsible interests.

It's worth it to check out her website: www.radnofsky.com

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Crocodile tears for Voinovich

It is looking like John "Blunt" Bolton is going to be approved by the Senate. I am more worried about this than all those judges combined.

Voinovich is going out of his way to make it known that he does not support Bolton. He calls him a "lousy leader," and believes that we "...owe it to the United States of America, the U.S. State Department, our soldiers overseas, our children and our grandchildren to do better than Mr. Bolton."

I am so mad at him.

Voinovich had the opportunity to stop Bolton dead, he could have derailed this whole debate with a simple "no" vote in committee. That would have been enough to deny Bolton from ever reaching a vote in the full Senate. I have no doubt that when the final vote is made, Voinovich will side with the Democrats.

He should have done it when it really mattered. But he chickened-out. He proves that, once again, when their votes really mean something, we cannot count on moderate republicans to vote their conscience--not with this president, not with this congress.

I am increasingly convinced that John Bolton is something like step #5 on a 12-step path to our next war (Iran?). He is exactly who Bush wants in the U.N., a time-bomb waiting to go off. He will purposefully antagonize the U.N., so that when the next trumped up charges for military action are manufactured, he will have "reason" to not seek international agreement. Bush wants to go it alone.

I hope I am wrong about all this. I hope the nomination somehow sinks, that we don't start another unnecessary war. I hope that the neo-cons really aren't in power, and that we aren't entering their ideal state of perpetual militarism.

But if I turn out to be right on this one, I will never forget Voinovich's cowardice. He could have defused this bomb before it could ever blow-up in our faces.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

2006 Sneak Peek: Chris Bell for TX Governor

The former Houston Congressman now famous for filing the first ethics complaint against Tom DeLay is running for Governor of Texas.

I believe that the Lubbock chapter of DFA can feel good backing this candidate. His campaign message is "the new mainstream," an eloquent refocusing of political priorities to where they belong and where progressives can win: education (fixing our education crisis as well as making higher education accessable to all), healthcare for all, honoring our soldiers, and supporting our rural communities. As a bonus, he's very electable, bringing his skills as a former TV anchor, lawyer, and congressman into play.

He will be speaking on 6/18 at DemocracyFest in Austin, so catch him there if you can.

His website is off to a good start: www.chrisbell.com

Why, I do believe we can win this one!

Monday, May 23, 2005

Fallout from the compromise

I'm not to happy that Owens, Brown, and Prior are getting through. In terms of winning and losing on this issue though, this is pretty much the 2nd best outcome we could have hoped for.

The language of the compromised (extreme circumstances) is so purposefully vague that Democrats will have little problem threatening a filibuster in the future. The freepers certainly don't feel like winners. Observe the following:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

In political terms, Frist comes out of this looking the worst. He was cut off at the knees by members of his own party and failed to deliver the 100% "upordown" vote. His job of leading the Senate is going to be tougher (and he may not be able to pull the trigger the next time this comes up). John McCain will also suffer some. The charges of "RINO" from the American Taliban are going to get worse. I'd say his chance of getting the 08 nomination took a pretty big hit today. Bush obviously is a loser here. His language was almost exactly the same as Frist's. The Senate is still not a rubber stamp for his agenda.

We lost also. Those 3 mentioned above will not make good judges. Furthermore, there is the potential for Reid to lose some face here. I'm ok with that. We were only guaranteed 49 votes, and I suppose we don't know if he could've gotten us 2 more. There will be no nuclear option today, and that was our biggest victory.

Behind these judges their loomed the much bigger issue of potential Supreme Court nominees. Perhaps this was nothing more than a delay to a filibuster showdown at a later date, or maybe the President and Frist have been sufficiently spooked enough to bring another O'Conner type to the SCOTUS instead of another Scalia. More than that, we averted a dangerous precedent which might have set up those "upordown" votes on issues like Social Security.

Yikes indeed.

So in summation, I'm not exactly ecstatic, but I can settle for relieved.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Governer Dean on Meet the Press

For those of you who didn't wake up early enough, I'll get right to the juicy parts

If you watch the cable media stations, you might have caught some of the manufactured outrage over a particular quote from Howard Dean.
I think Tom DeLay ought to go back to Houston, where he can serve his jail sentence down there courtesy of the Texas taxpayers.
Oh, it is SOOO scandalous to suggest that Tom DeLay should be in jail. This from the same media that calls Newsweek murderous, but forgives an administration for starting a war, that has killed more than 1700 Americans, on false pretenses.

A list of DeLay's "transgressions" (a fancy word that means a CRIME perpetrated by the rich and/or powerful) can be found here. I must warn you, it is a rather long list.

Tim Russert asked Dean to apologize, to calm to poor hearts of these "outraged" republicans. He had the appropriate response.
MR. RUSSERT: So you will not retract or apologize your comments about Tom DeLay?

DR. DEAN: Absolutely not.
This is exactly how we should all be responding to republican machine. They get to lie, to call us traitors, Nazis, liars, elitists, etc. yet we are somehow not allowed to call a duck a duck when it walks, talks and acts like one. Tom DeLay is a criminal, he should go to trial, his case should be ajudicated, if justice is done he will be found guilty and he should serve jail-time. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

Russert goes further to ask Dean about Social Security, some of his rhetoric, including criticism (of all people) Rush Limbaugh. Limbaugh is a bloated, lying, political hack, and ,as his drug debacle has proven, a hypocrite also. No one owes Limbaugh (or his type) any apology for satire.

Russert at one point proves exactly what I figured would happen if any Democrat offers the most obvious solution for Socical Security solvency.
DR. DEAN: There are tough choices here, and when the president indicates that he's serious about making tough choices, we'd like to help make those tough choices. There are also some other things that people have, including Democrats, have put forward that the president has rejected out of hand. The president...

MR. RUSSERT: Such as?

DR. DEAN: Such as raising the cap. Right now the Social Security tax is only on the first, I think, about $85,000 worth of wages. I saw an economic analysis the other day that said if you remove that cap entirely that Social Security will be solvent.

MR. RUSSERT: But that's raising taxes.
Thank you Tim for proving my belief 100% true. It is a tax raise, but that misses the point. Right now, wages in excess of 90 thousand are taxed at 0.00%. Removing the cap raises the rate to *GASP* the SAME RATE that EVERYONE ELSE pays on every dollar they earn (currently 6.2%).

Leave it to the Main-Stream-Media to play right into republican hands. If Harry Reid were to suggest removal of the cap tomorrow, I guarantee faux news would be running banners screaming "Democrats push for tax hike."

The Democrats have a plan. We came up with the plan decades ago, and we will defend it now. The plan IS Social Security, and Bush's privatization and means-testing suggestions are nothing other than poison pills that would make Social Security weak and unpopular.

We have nothing to fear by sticking to our guns. The president and his congress is sinking politically, and we have nothing to gain by working with him until he takes privatization off of the table. Unfortunately, I don't think Bush will. At times, he can be just like a stubborn, petulant child.

There's a lot more here. If you ask me, Tim Russert is highly overrated interviewer. His "aggresivness" seems to be no more than asking the same question 2 or 3 times. It should come as no surprise that Howard did well

I'll leave you with one of the better Dean quotes from the interview.
Our problem in this party is we didn't stand up early enough and fight back against folks like that who thought they were going to push us around and bully us, and we're not going to do it anymore.

Thursday, May 19, 2005


Getting his Pennsylvania Senate seat in 2006 will be so danged sweet.

Not much to write today, really the video speaks for itself

Godwin's law in full effect on the republican side of the aisle. Ricky really needs to hire a new speech writer if he wants a fighting chance for re-election.

I haven't seen someone botch a speech this badly since the last time the president opened his mouth.


Dubya's RNC Gala Address

It is full of so much flak, so many outright lies, so many misleading memes that I didn't know immediately where to focus. After some thought, I have decided to bring to your attention one slightly subtle Republican ideological trend that disturbs me and, I believe, deserves the focus of our well-framed rebuttals wherever possible. (Bush quotes are in boldface.)

"And we believe in ownership. We want more people owning something in America. We want more entrepreneurs owning their own business."

Ownership, in Bush's language, means only individual and corporate ownership. This administration is not for public ownership, ownership by The People, ownership in the commons. Bush's ownership means "I got it, you don't." Folks, this is the dark side of capitalism, the side that must be mitigated by social programs, progressive taxation, and the wise use of resources held in common for the public good. Bush's ownership means it's everyone for themselves, and the big dogs always win.

And the lure of individual ownership for all americans (in any category of property you care to name) is dangerous because it's impossible to attain and to sustain. Not everyone can or should be a landowner. Not everyone can or should own a car, a house, a business, stocks, or whatever. It's unsustainable in the modern world, unsustainable with so many of us walking the Earth. This kind of ownership maybe makes sense if you're John Locke in a New World colony, staring down the open frontiers of manifest destiny. But it's outdated and dangerous now.

Moving on.

"See, I don't subscribe to the notion that only certain people are a part of the investor class. I believe every American should be a part of the investor class. I believe every American should be encouraged to own assets, so they can pass it on to whomever they choose -- assets that the federal government can never take away."

If everyone is a part of the investor class, then everyone is at increased risk of losing everything. Investing, which means speculation on market forces, is something you use disposable income to do, not your life savings (and this includes Social Security -- hands off, George!). Millions of Americans don't really have disposable income, and millions still wouldn't even if all government taxes, fees, etc went away. These people would have to gamble with their life savings, their food, clothing, and shelter, just to secure the benefits that they currently have. And it's a reality that not every investment is a winning investment; sometimes you lose.

So, the all-investor world would necessarily be the all-debt world. In the all-debt world, the government -- which answers to The People -- won't take your assets away and use them for the public good, your creditors will. And they will use them for whatever unaccountable-to-The-People uses they want.

"Our party is the party of growth, and we're showing the country we're also the party of spending restraint. That's why I submitted the first budget to actually cut non-security, discretionary spending since Ronald Reagan was in office. Congress is on track to hold non-discretionary -- non-security, discretionary spending below last year's levels. And that's an important message to send. And the message is this: We're going to spend your money wisely, or we're not going to spend it at all. (Applause.)"

The Republicans are showing us that they are the party of pulling the rug out from under our best social programs, of stealing the investement in the commons that our taxpayers have made and sending it out as refund checks to the rich. They have shown us that they are the party of getting us into wars we have no business being in, at great expense and at great benefit to major international corporations. I don't consider the last 4 years of government spending to be a wise use of The People's money. To me it looks more like an attack on all the government programs that make America a county to be proud of.

Their lines: the ownership society, the investor society, the wise government spending society. What crap.

We've got to take these concepts on, becuase they sound good on the surface, but what they actually mean would tear the fabric of our great society apart.

You can read the full text of Bush's address at http://www.whitehouse.gov/news/releases/2005/05/20050517-9.html

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Not everything is a business

And not everything should be run as if it were a for-profit venture.

Sadly, this is the norm for Texas' public universities. The federal government has utterly failed to come up with anything new to bolster their claims of wanting a smarter and better trained workforce. Funding remains disparately low. The state of Texas has failed in it's duties to insure an available public education. Increasingly, our public schools are becoming private matters, available only to those who are already insured economic success.

In the last three and a half years, Texas Tech has increased tuition and fees by some 40%. This is completely wrong, and I know most Texans will agree with me.

But what can we do about it?

We need a complete paradigm shift. We need to get out of our current pro-business mentality. Let me be clear, I am not advocating against capitalism. It is history's greatest and fairest economic model, and best of all, it generates such abundant wealth that we can easily afford the Social state.

We can afford the great public trust that is a strong public education. It is more important than any other factor in helping our poorest citizens rise out of the basement of society and into the comfort and success of our middle class.

We aren't there yet. We keep inviting the business class in to run our Public Universities. Larry Anders, who was recently appointed a regent for Texas Tech by governor Perry is chairman and CEO of insurance firm Summit Alliance Co. He had the following to say about Tech:

In many respects, that's a big, big business out there - nearly a billion-dollar industry in and of itself--"Avalanche Journal 5/16/05"

As students of the Lakoff series, we all know how incredibly telling our choice of words can be. Those words tell me that Anders (and I don't mean to single him out) is not fit to be in charge of Texas Tech. The business mentality is completely unable to see the larger picture--so focused it is on making sure the ink is black, or at least not too red.

Since our schools' tuition rates have been effectively de-regulated, the State of Texas has not increased their commitment. Our tuition has indeed gone up, and sadly , the only body meeting the funding commitment is the student body.

But, it is getting harder, and they will not be able to keep it up much longer.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The most important Democrat right now

It's not who you are thinking. It's not Hillary, it's not Obama. It's not even DNC chair Howard Dean. It is Senator Harry Reid.

Let me explain.

Back in November of aught'four, we Democrats suffered a tough loss. We worked so hard, only to have (as Homer Simpson might say) President Cuckoo-bananas re-elected. We lost several representatives here in Texas. We even lost our congressional leader. After several years of service, Tom Daschle was voted out of office. I didn't know it then, but those republicans in Iowa did us a huge favor.

Of course after the election, we necessarily entered a period of soul-searching. Perhaps we should move more to center suggested some. Nay, said others, Democrats lost because we have abandoned our principles. As a party, we were primed and ready for infighting, as demonstrated by the most public DNC chair campaign in our history.

But something unexpected happened--the fights never really came. Maybe Bush overreached. Maybe Tom Delay and Bill Frist were too obsessed with consolidating power. Maybe they really thought they could destroy the most popular government program in our Nation's history. It is possible.

Maybe our leader in the Senate is better than anyone thought. Maybe Reid is really, really good at what he does. I think he is.

We are winning the debate on Social Security. Despite having the trifecta, the republicans know they cannot do anything concerning Social Security without at least some political protection from bi-partisan support.

Reid has all 44 of the troops dead-in-line, including Jeffords and more than a handful of moderate republicans.

We are winning the debate over the "Nuclear Option." Make no mistake, Bill Frist is the establishment 08 candidate until the white house says otherwise. Frist desperately wants to secure the votes of the newly emboldened American Taliban. If he had the votes, he would have pulled the trigger days ago. He isn't even close. Reid again has marshalled the minority party into the majority position. Not only that, but he has so aptly framed the issues that the apparent republican failures are having lasting and harsh effects on the republicans' poll numbers. With any luck, they'll keep overreaching, Reid will keep us counter-punching, the republicans will serve up Bill Frist in 2008 and Democrats will hit the last in a series of softballs right out of the park.

I've heaped a lot of praise on Reid despite the fact that I don't agree with him 100% of the time. He's more conservative than me, and I'd wager, more conservative than the majority of DFA members. But I think he is the most important Democrat right now because of what he allows our party to do.

We don't have to squabble over what we disagree about because Reid makes it our agenda to work on what we do agree on. Howard Dean doesn't need to lead on party policy thanks to Reid. Dean is thus able to focus on the inner workings of our party: nurturing our activist base, reaching out to new party members, communicating better within our many disparate groups, and building the infrastructure for our near and lasting majority.

I love Howard Dean and I truly believe he represents the heart of our great Democratic Party. But, I am just as happy that Harry Reid can be the brain.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Getting into community service

Tomorrow is the national DFA Day of Action for community service, and our local chapter is doing its part. We will be at the South Plains Food Bank Farm at 76th and Ave B from 9am-3pm weeding, cleaning, and working with other volunteer groups to get the facility ready for their "Friends and Family Day" on the 21st. The farm is a great resource for the community, providing truckloads of organic, chemical-free vegetables directly to the food bank. I am proud to help out their organization this weekend.

Community service is one of the pillars of advanced citizenship, which is what we're all about. Everyone in DFA understands that government works better with an active, involved populace; the same is true for every other aspect of life that impacts THE COMMONS, another idea we DFAers love. Community service is a natural fit for our group.

So, let's take that to heart and make community service events part of our regular group activities. I plan to include space on our agenda each month to discuss community service opportunities available to us as individuals and as a group.

"Become the change you seek."

Monday, May 09, 2005

More Pictures from April 14

Hey DFA!

I put our photos from our April 14 meeting with Randy Neugebauer's staff all on one page. I can't reiterate enough what a great experience it was for all of us that went. We probably didn't change any minds in the office, but we delivered our stories, stuck to message, and overall had a very civil face-to-face meeting. Keep your ears open for our future meetings of this type with our other elected representatives.

Thanks to Synthesis for posting some of the pics here on the blog with description!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Our day in April

These pictures are by no means all that we have, but they will have to do for now.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Here we are, poised and confident. Randy's people aren't going to know what hit 'em

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Jim Clark is taken aback, clearly he was expecting shrill drivel. Sorry Jim, we only spout eloquent brilliance.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
They tried to bamboozle us with that tired Chilean meme, but G-man knew his stuff.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
The two Sues are crafty, wisely taking note of everything Jim says--especially the hot air.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
And we did our best to hit them with our finely aimed outrage. The Bushies thought they could turn the old against the young. Silly of them really. The young trust Bush about as far as we could throw him.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
Here's the whole group, flushed with success. Victory makes us pose awkwardly.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us
And we're going keep doing this, whether our representatives like it or not.