Wednesday, November 23, 2005

50-State Campaign Strategy

Last week's 50-State Campaign Strategy Kickoff at Sue W's house was a great success! The national Democratic Party website has pictures of house parties from around the country (we are 24/33). You can also read some of Sue's encouraging words about the event here and here.

I'm thrilled at the new life that Howard Dean and the the thousands of grassroots activits who believe in him are breathing into the Democratic Party.

One last encouraging anecdote -- Barbara Radnofsky, who was in town a couple of weeks ago, said that the Democratic leadership in the US Senate has taken notice of her campaign. 9 Democratic Senators, including Harry Reid, threw her a fundraiser in Washington DC. For the established Democratic leadership to take interest in a Senate Race in Texas so early in the election cycle shows that they mean business about the 50-state strategy!


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