Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lubbock County Democratic Party Resolutions

Better late than never: I have here a list of the resolutions passed in committee at the Lubbock County Democratic Party convention two weeks ago. There were also two resolutions passed on the floor - one about education reform, and one about parks.

I am posting these here because I did not find them online at the Lubbock County Democratic Party website, and I think it's important to get the word out about what's on Democrats' minds.

Without further ado, here are the titles of the resolutions:

1) Support for Contraceptive Equality in Health Insurance, Health Agencies, and Increase Funds for Family Planning

2) Support for Stem Cell Research as a Means of Lessening Effects of or Curing of Certain Deadly and Chronic Diseases

3) Personal Privacy Protection

4) Public Support for Voter Verified Paper Audit Trail

5) Call for a Moratorium on Executions

6) Call for Independent Counsel Investigation

7) Opposition to a Federal Marriage Amendment

8) Supporting Foster Care and Adoption

9) Supporting Non-Discrimination Legislation

10) Support of a Voter Persuasion Campaign

11) Support of Rural, Small Towns

12) Call for State Income Tax Vote

13) Support of Jury Trial

14) Opposition to Offshore Management of U.S. Ports

15) Opposition to School Voucher System

16) Concern for Elderly

17) Recognition of Increase in Disparity

18) Resolution to Protect Women's Right to Choose

19) Resolution to End the Armed Conflict in Iraq

20) Resolution in Support of Unions in Texas

21) Resolution to Honor Irma Guererro

22) Resolution to Honor Dorothy McLarty

23) Resolution to Honor Tom and Pansy Burtis

The convention was great, and I think we ended up with a wonderful batch of resolutions. I brought 3 from my precinct. Here's hoping the state party listens to what's going on in West Texas.


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